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It’s not too early to plan for holiday gifts for clients, family, friends and colleagues. Any of these books can be customized (with your company logo on the cover, for example) and produced in print versions well in time for the holidays.

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Please check back for more titles as they become available:

Kids and Money Guide to Learning Capital: How to Structure Strategic Allowance, Develop Incentives to Save and Teach Basics of Investing

(ALLL Right Books, 2012)

Kids and Money Guide to Shrinking Your Family's Carbon Footprint by Jayne Pearl
Kids and Money Guide to Shrinking Your Family’s Carbon Footprint: 102 Tips to a Greener Planet and Pocketbook
(ALLL Right Books, 2012)



Print and e-Books by Jayne

Kids, Wealth, and Consequences


Kids, Wealth and Consequences: Ensuring a Responsible Financial Future for the Next Generation
(John E. Wiley, 2010)