Smart $kills Allowance Calculator

Calculate what your child’s allowance (or the price of anything) today was worth when you were your child’s age. Or you can see how much you received in allowance at their age would be worth today.

$mart $kills Allowance and Budget ControlsTM(ABCs)

Parents must do a better job of preparing their teens and young adults. These $mart $kills Allowance and Budget ControlsTM(ABCs) spreadsheets allow parents and their children to sit down together to review and customize the budget we’ve prepared, to account for their unique circumstances. We have three different spreadsheets: one for college-bound students, one for students getting their first apartment while at school, and another for once they are out in the working world.

Parents can figure out how much allowance they might pay to cover all or some of their kid’s expected expenses while they are in school or to help them get on their feet after they graduate. If their student will be working while away at college, allowance can supplement any expenses their paycheck will not cover. Even wealthy parents should consider basing allowance on estimated expenses. Giving them too much allowance may have unintended consequences, such as teaching kids to live on more money than they are likely to make when they graduate.

The $mart $kills Freshman ABCsTM, for freshman college students who will be paying for many of their living expenses for the first time.

The $mart $kills First Apartment ABCsTM, for college students who move off campus and face new expenses such as rent, meals and transportation.

The $mart $kills After College ABCsTM, for recent graduates when they get their first job and apartment.