Do your children have a bad case of the “gimmes?”
Do your teens fall prey to every new fad?
Will your college kids graduate with huge student loans, credit-card debt and no job?

KIDS and MONEY’s guide books show you how to prepare your kids to thrive in even today’s uncertain, stressful economy.

Kids and Money Guide to Learning Capital by Jayne PearlKIDS and MONEY Guide to Learning Capital:

  • Imparting Five Key Financial Values
  • How to Structure Strategic Allowance
  • The Dole System
  • Gift Money Rules
  • Smart Saving Incentives
  • Investing for Tots to Teens


Kids and Money: Guide to Smart SpendingKIDS and MONEY Guide to Smart Spending:

  • Budgeting Basics
  • The Cost of Cool
  • Countering Our Consumer-Driven Society
  • Understanding and Using Credit Cards Wisely
  • Teaching Accountability for Cash
  • Guiding Big Little Spender


Kids and Money Guide to Shrinking Your Family's Carbon Footprint by Jayne Pearl

KIDS and MONEY Guide to Shrinking Your Family’s Carbon Footprint:

  • 102 Tips to a Greener Planet and Pocketbook
  • Almost Painless Ways to Conserve Energy, Water and Other Resources
  • How to Avoid Chemicals That Are Toxic to You and the Environment
  • Track your savings in terms of resources and money


These guide books help parents who are financially knowledgeable—
and those who are not—tackle tough issues, including single parenting,
blended families, shoplifting, gambling, overspending, and when to bail out the kids.


NEW! Funny Money: More Fun with Cliches!

In this second of a series of hilarious kids’ books, little Bit Coyne overhears her parents using cliches about money, which she imagines literally, as illustrated by Mat Bevilacqua.