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Kids and Money Allowance Calculator

  • Shows how much allowance parents received when they were their kids’ age would be worth today
  • Shows how much kids’ allowance would have been worth of parents at that age

Kids’ Money

  • Articles
  • Lists of books, links to articles for kids and parents
  • Surveys and survey results

Practical Money Skills for Life

  • How-to advice on how to set allowance and make it an effective learning tool

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FDIC’s Learning Bank

  • Carmen Cents describes how banks work and the role of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.

Young Americans Center for Financial Education Foundation and Bank

  • Describes the history of money
  • Calculates future cost of college tuition, how much you have to save to become a millionaire using different types of investments (savings account, bonds, mutual funds, stock market), and time horizons
  • Lists money-earning ideas
  • Provides information on its programs such as Young AmeriTowne, Young Entrepreneur Programs, and a classroom savings initiative

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Kids, Wealth and Consequences $mart $kills Budgets

  • $mart $kills Freshman ABCsTM for college students who will be paying for many of their living expenses for the first time
  • $mart $kills First Apartment ABCsTM for college students who move off campus and face new expenses such as rent, meals and transportation
  • $mart $kills After College ABCsTM for recent graduates when they get their first job and apartment

Mapping Your Future’s Budget Calculator

  • A provider of free college, career, financial aid, and financial literacy services for students, families, and schools, which includes a budget calculator that figures out how much monthly and annual disposable income you have left after subtracting typical expenses from income sources

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College Surfing

  • Browse by zip code and career interest to find the best possible college for you

College Net

  • Allows students to apply to more than 1,500 colleges and universities without having to retype application information
  • Search engine helps students search for schools according to various criteria
  • Scholarship search
  • Financial aid info
  • Scholarship competitions

Consumer Finance Protection Bureau

  • College Cost Comparison Worksheet (beta tool)

Education Portal

  • offers free courses, free test prep and a path to real college credit. Watch its free lessons, test your knowledge with free quizzes and then sign up for a CLEP exam for just $77 to earn real college credit accepted at two thirds of U.S. colleges
  • awards Free Textbooks for a Year Scholarship and eleven annual academic scholarships

Free Application for Financial Aid (FAFSA)

  • Lets you complete and submit FAFSA application online
  • Describes major federal student aid programs (who is eligible and how to apply), tax credits for education expenses, and other federal, state, and private sources of information
  • Guide to Defaulted Student Loans tells how to get out of default


  • Lists information about more than hundreds of thousands of scholarships
  • Free scholarship search
  • Information about student loans, work study, and grant programs


  • Lists financial aid scams
  • Free scholarship search
  • Financial aid calculators
  • Prepaid state tuition plans—terms and contact information
  • Online Applications

Match College

  • Provides free information on admissions, financial aid, tuition on more thanr 6,000 colleges and universities nation-wide

Nellie Mae

  • Describes repayment options
  • Interactive debt counseling with calculators and work sheets

Paying for College

  • Information about financial aid, scholarships and FAFSA


  • Data about colleges and universities
  • Information about internships, financial aid, study-abroad programs, summer programs career guidance

Princeton Review

  • Data about colleges and universities
  • Information about financial aid, internships, summer programs, study abroad, and career guidance

Sallie Mae

  • Financial aid facts
  • Searchable database of low-cost lenders
  • College planning calculators can be used live on the Internet, or you can download CollegeCalc software and use the calculators and key information off-line
  • Calculators for forecasting college costs, savings, expected family contribution, borrowing needs, accrued interest on your loan, monthly budget, repayment estimates


  • Connects students and alumni through a dedicated lending pool and an original social community, students, alumni and schools all benefit.
  • Enables alumni to earn a compelling double bottom-line return, students to receive a lower loan rate than private or federal options, and both sides to benefit from the connections formed.

Student Contests

  • Searchable database of contests

U.S. News & World Report

  • Ranks colleges
  • Profiles for 1,600 schools
  • Searchable college directory outlining admissions, academics, financial aid, campus life, and international students
  • Ranks financial aid best values
  • Provides financial aid counselors online
  • Worksheet for comparing financial aid award packages

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The Better Business Bureau® Children’s Advertising Review Unit

  • Information about advertising and your child

Fun Brain Cash Register Game

  • Kids figure out how many of each bill or coin they expect to get back when they pay for something


  • Free money-saving advice

No More Pencils No More Books

  • Simulation software uses local costs in calculating your living expenses; allows life-style choices from 30 expense categories.
  • exposes the wide chasm between the hourly wage from a high school education and that required for your choices.

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Bank Rate Monitor

  • Banking news, advice on shopping for the best rates, latest trends in bank fees, mortgages, credit cards, home-equity loans and lines, auto loans, personal loans, and CDs
  • Provides information and tools about debt and financial resources to people in all stages of life: from college, through buying or selling a home, and into retirement.
  • Its debt specialists and credit counseling specialists are certified by the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators.

Debtors Anonymous®

  • Description and history of the nonprofit self-help 12-step program
  • How to order its literature, audiotape, and newsletter
  • How to register for groups

The Federal Reserve Board

  • do’s and don’ts to manage your credit card account and maintain a high credit score
  • tips for protecting your checking account from scam artists
  • how to file a consumer complaint about a bank
  • privacy choices foryour personal financial information
  • protecting yourself from overdraft and bounced-check fees

Get Out of Debt

  • Free debt help and debt advice on how to get out of debt
  • debt consolidation scams
  • inside information on the debt relief and debt help industry.

National Foundation for Consumer Credit

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Entrepreneur Educator

  • Provides resources for teaching entrepreneurship to children
  • Promotes entrepreneurial thinking as a vehicle for developing students’ academic skills
  • Fosters and awakens the entrepreneurial spirit in K-8 students.


  • The world’s largest marketplace
for “micro-entrepreneurs” providing small services, starting at $5
  • Lists more than 750,000 services priced between $5 and $150 (more than 30% of transactions are greater than $5)

Future Business Leaders of America

  • An educational association of more than 215,000 high school students (who must be enrolled in at least one business class) preparing for careers in business, with chapters at middle schools, high schools, and colleges around the country.

Junior Achievement

  • Description of K–12 programs, how to get involved, list of offices

LavaMind’s Learning Series

  • Description and order info for games such as Gazillionaire, Zapitalism, and Profitania
  • Download free shareware version of Gazillionaire

U.S. Small Business Administration’s Youth Entrepreneurship

  • introduces young entrepreneurs to the concept of small business ownership as a viable career choice.
  • helps young people shape and implement their dreams of entrepreneurship
  • fundamentals of starting a small business: brainstorming; evaluating the feasibility of your idea; developing the business plan
  • Learning from successful young entrepreneurs
  • Making sound financial decisions
  • Utilizing entrepreneurial development services such as SCORE, Junior Achievement, DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America), and the National Academy Foundation

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Yahoo! FinanceCenter

  • Directory of mutual funds
  • Searchable database of best-performing funds by sector, style, and strategy
  • Charts year-to-date prices of mutual funds

GreenMoney Online Guide

  • Links to socially responsible products, mutual funds, banks, and credit unions
  • Articles about socially responsible investing

Securities Industry Foundation for Economic Education (school classes)

  • Stock Market Game: allows classes, grades 4–12, to sign up to simulate stock-market trading

Young Investor

  • Helps kids build sound savings habits; invest; plan and earn money.

Monetta’s Young Investor Fund

  • Run with the Bulls stock market game
  • Game room with memory and trivia games, brain teasers, crosswords, and rebus puzzles (using pictures and words to make another word or phrase)
  • Information about the Young Investor mutual fund

How to Trade Stocks-Stock Market Simulators

  • A section for kids with more than three dozen links to lessons and articles about the stock market, our banking system, the 1929 Crash, the history of the New York Stock Exchange, and much more.
  • Even more content for adults about the intricacies of investing in everything from dividend stocks to exchange traded funds, and foreign exchange.

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  • Mega search feature that allows our users to search and apply to job openings being advertised on multiple job boards
  • Career Center offers articles, experts, career assessment, a salary wizard

Hot Jobs (now part of

  • Lists hundreds of thousands of positions, clearly marking jobs that are not posted by corporate members
  • Company profiles
  • Free salary wizard
  • Allows job seekers to block specified companies from searching their resume with its Hotblock technolog

Job Applications

  • provides hundreds of printable and online applications for jobs at retail stores, department stores, pharmacies, grocery stores, restaurants and shops


  • Lists and ratings of career sites
  • Lists job openings, mostly in science, engineering, and medicine
  • Directory of recruiting agencies
  • Help figuring out what  you want to do
  • Social media and job search
  • Repairing your online reputation using social media
  • Lifestyle-friedly careers
  • Introvert’s job search

Job Search USA

  • Job listings by category and state
  • Post your résumé


  • Public library-sponsored job listings in California and New Jersey
  • Résumé preparation tips
  • Online career guides and databanks
  • Describes the “hidden job market” for the best jobs that are never advertised, and how to find them
  • Tips for putting a résumé on the Internet


  • Search jobs worldwide
  • career advice, resume help and interview tips
  • Online seminars on recruitment
  • Career fairs
  • Info on entry-level jobs, relocation, and apartments
  • Résumé builder
  • Tips about how to address the questions behind hiring managers’ questions

The Riley Guide

  • Directory of employment and career information sources and services on the Internet
  • Job listings by location, industry, discipline, and occupation-specific resources
  • Links to information for writing résumés
  • Self-employment ideas, temp work, summer work, volunteer opportunities
  • Resources for specific occupational areas
  • Information on trends in employment and industry
  • Resources for targeting employers and researching an employer once you have an interview scheduled
  • Salary guides and other compensation and wage information
  • Preparing your résumé for the Internet
  • Using the Internet in your job search
  • Help with cover letters, résumés, interviews


  • Tests for IT professionals to demonstrate their proficiencies, adding value to their resumes and making them more marketable and attractive to prospective employers.

Summer Jobs

  • Search for seasonal and part-time jobs by location or keyword for high-school and college students
  • Browse company profiles
  • Find job-hunting tips
  • Success stories
  • Links to other employment sites

  • Continually updated “insider” information on employers
  • Industry blogs and news articles
  • Company-specific message boards for employees who share corporate and career news, network, ask for job advice, and learn about trends shaping the workforce
  • Job board that lets users post résumés allowing potential employers and recruiters to contact them

What Color Is Your Parachute Job Hunters’ Bible

  • Advice on creating and posting résumés, networking, and researching jobs
  • Links to online job-hunting sources
  • Tests & Advice
  • Top advice sites
  • Making key contacts
  • Where to find openings
  • Creating and posting résumés

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It’s a Habit

  • Teaches financial literacy and other empowering life skills and habits in a strategic manner (both entertaining and educational) to youth with entertaining and educational books and music

Kids’ Money

  • Links to savings games, articles, resources
  • Kids send in pictures of themselves with their banks

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Affluent Student

  • provides parents with inspirational, informative, and educational content to enrich their children’s lives through proactive parenting

Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey

  • Studies, statistics
  • 20 questions to test if you have a gambling problem
  • Links to more than 275 self-help Web sites
  • Hotline numbers and Web sites of 36 regional affiliate offices

Creative Parents

  • An enormously useful parenting resource with articles, interviews, reviews, activities, surveys culled by an educational psychologist, parenting expert, and media consultant whose work has reached millions of parents and children

Camp Millionaire

  • A day camp for middle- and high-school-age kids that introduces financial tools they need to choose and create financial independence, with fun-filled games, activities, group exercises and field trips

Shoplifters Anonymous

  • Articles about why shoplifters steal and legal consequences
  • How to change behavior through education
  • Quotes from shoplifters
  • Information about Shoplifters Alternative—a research and rehabilitation program through home education

WealthQuest for Teens

  • guidelines for teaching teens to think about and organize their money
  • Programs for teens and an eBook Parent Guide that makes money an interesting, inspiring, easy, and fun topic.